Acting - Film and Theatre

If you have a profound interest in film and theater, this education is for you. The Acting program is a one-year education, with an option to apply for a second year where you train as a film- and theater educator. In order to apply a secondary degree is required (from a vocational or preparatory program).

Year 1

During the first year you study film acting and classic stage performance. The cooperation with our school’s Film Program will give you increased knowledge and understanding of the entire film process as well as screen acting.   The combination of film and theater is what makes the Acting Program unique as a folk high school education. The personal and artistic development is essential. You will work both independently and together in groups. You train techniques such as drama, speech, motion, improvisation and role design. The main focus is on content and storytelling. This is why we spend time a lot of time analysing, as well as giving and receiving feedback with regard to your own and other students efforts.

Year 2

In order to apply for the second year, which is a post-secondary education, a secondary degree is required (from a vocational or preparatory program). The year is aimed at production, and focus will be on your personal development as an actor in film and theater. You will also be trained as a film- or drama educator, which entails the opportunity to work as an educator in the future. The number of students admitted to the second year is limited. After applying to Year 2 you will be  submitted to a new selection process. You can also apply to the second year if you have previous, comparable schooling or experience. 

Film and theater trade contacts

During the program you will meet several guest lecturers who are professionals and experts in certain areas. This includes, among others, actors, directors, make-up artists and choreographs. Study trips are planned to production units (film, theater). We also collaborate in projects together with Region Värmland’s film counsellors. Together with students from the school’s Film Program we also go on a study trip to Greece (during Year 2). The purpose of this trip is to visit a number of interesting and theater related places, as well as to act in the film(s) made by the Film students on location.  

School Year

The School Year 2019-2020 will be updated soon.