Acting - Film and Theater

We take your dream seriously! Here you will grow as an actor in productions both on stage and in front of the camera. We have the most up-to-date theater and film technology of all the Nordic folk high schools. We are here. Where are you? Welcome to our creative world!

Teater profil på scenen


The basis of our acting program is your personal and artistic growth. You will work in front of the camera and meet the audience from the stage. The course combination of both film and stage acting is unique among the Swedish folk high schools.
Our collaboration with the Film program is carried out in the English language which will be beneficial in your future career. During your studies you will participate in several study trips where we will study the performing arts. The acting program is a one-year course with a possibility of a second year which will give you skills to work as a drama educator, as well as a 2-3 weeks long practical training period.

Educational goals

Year 1

• Personal growth and knowledge of the craft of acting
• To develop your acting techniques and your artistic abilities during one or two years
• Preparation for higher acting education
• To see if you wish to pursue a career in acting

Year 2

• Work as a freelancing actor and stagehand
• Work as a drama teacher
• Knowledge of how start a free theatre group
• Prepared for higher education

Teaching content

Year 1

We focus on skills training and production for film and stage acting. You will practice techniques in drama, movement, speech, improvisation and performance. Since theater and film are collective art forms great emphasis is placed on reflection and analysis of your own and the work of others.

Year 2

During the second year we will focus more on your individual growth as an actor through several theater and film productions, which will give you an opportunity to play different roles and meet a diverse audience. During year 2 you will have a thorough knowledge of the artistic aspect and the practical work behind the stage. A work experience period outside of the school will also allow you to immerse yourself in a specific area of your choice. Furthermore, we will make a study trip to the Mediterranean Sea with filming and diving.

Networking and collaboration at the school

We are collaborating with Riksteatern and Strindbergs Intima Teater in Stockholm regarding plays and workshops. We are also working together with international schools and theater groups and we are active within several organizer networks working to promote performing arts in Sweden. In addition to our close collaboration with our film program we also team up with the animation program in the field of voice acting. Our collaboration with Hälsotränarna means that all actors get their own Personal Trainer.


Year 1 (40 weeks)

The work is based on the techniques that will improve your acting skills. During the semesters you will work in projects where the main emphasis is on different parts of film- and theatre work. The courses will alternate between theory and practice and different parts of the curriculum is included in several projects.
• Acting training
Physical acting training, norm-creative interpretation, movement training, character work, improvisation, body language, vocal techniques, dancing, yoga, wellness and psychology.
• Film acting
Practical camera exercises, film acting techniques, film production work, concepts in film, the casting process, film exercises, preparation, roles on set, film history, film analysis, screen fighting, intimate scenes in movies, filming with a green screen
• Theater acting
Scene production, dramatic presence, textual work/interpretation, rehearsal work, theater productions, devising projects, monologue work, forum theater, performance, fire eating, clowning, acrobatics and stage fighting.
• Theater history, technique and practical stage work
Make-up/mask, costume, scenography, props, lighting, sound and directing.

Year 2 (40 weeks)

Advanced studies designed to give you a thorough knowledge, skills and competences when it comes to acting, as well as film- and theatre pedagogy. After year 2 you will be able to apply to higher education, start a free theatre group, or start working as a film- and drama educator or as a freelancing actor. The course content follows societal development and the course collaborates with organizations and industry representatives. The courses will alternate between theory and practice and different parts of the curriculum is included in several projects.
• Film acting
Film acting in practice, a professional approach, acting techniques focusing on camera work, preparations, character work, formation, improvisation for film, make-up for film, the filmmaking process, different types of manuscripts, different types of filmmaking, underwater filmmaking, voice acting for animated films and VR recording.
• Performing arts
Standard scene production, ensemble playing, character work, textual work/interpretation, formation, performance, physical theatre, narrating theatre, monologue work, devising, forum theatre and children´s theatre
• Technique and stage work – thorough knowledge
Lighting, sound, makeup/masks, costumes, set design, props and work experience (2-3 weeks).
• Acting – other theory and practice
Physical acting training, improvisation, voice, dancing, yoga, gender creative formation, auditions, adaption of manuscripts, study trip with scuba diving, work experience report, written evaluations, showreel and directing book.
• Entrepreneurship and marketing
Entrepreneurial approach, marketing, organizing knowledge, starting your own company, touring and audience work.
• Pedagogy – Leadership
Psychology, communication, conflict management, to be a leader, pedagogy, the methodology of the project, dramaturgy, directing, audience work and study circle leadership training.
• Drama educator
Drama teacher approach, how to execute a performance, script revision, production, stage work, voice/movement, lesson planning and pedagogical preparatory and follow-up work.
• Film educator
Camera technique, scriptwriting, production planning, editing, photography, directing, lighting, sound, casting and script supervising.

Own equipment/borrow equipment

Molkoms folkhögskola provides all equipment for your theater- and film productions and training.


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Teamleader Acting
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