About the County Council of Värmland

The people in Värmland vote for the political parties whom they want to work for the County Council. The County Council of Värmlands aim is to give good health care and dental care for everyone in the county.

The County Council is also Värmlands largest employer with almost 7 000 employees. There are about 30 health centers in Värmland and three hospitals are situated in the towns of Karlstad, Arvika and Torsby.

The dental care has 40 clinics around the county.There is also a County Council archive where we save notes and minutes from our meetings.
The County Council owns Värmlandstrafik together with local municipalities and Värmlandstrafik takes care of public transport in the county.
We also own the organisation Region Värmland together with local municipalities. The organisation works with the development of our region in order to generate tourism, culture and adult education.

Politicians in charge

Politicians work for the County Council of Värmland. Every fourth year there is an election. In the election everyone who lives in the county get to vote for the political parties they want to be working for the County Coucil during the next four year period.

Public officials

Public officials prepare the political decisions. They also carry out the decisions made by the politicians. The County Council director is in charge for the public officials and is chosen by the County Council’s board.

How the politics work within the organisation

Politicians who are chosen by the citizens work for the County Council. There is an election every fourth year and the elected politicians work with questions regarding health care. They also decide on how the County Council should use its money.

Public officials carry out the political decisions. The public officials also give the politicians relevant information for the politicians to make wise decisions. Most of the County Coucil's politicians don’t have politics as their main profession and work politically in their spare time. They receive an allowance for their work and the amount of money they receive depends on how many hours a week they work politically.

The County Council works like a parliament. It has 81 elected local councilors from all over Värmland. They meet five times every year and anyone can come and listen to their meetings. You can also follow their meetings on the web.

The Board of the County

The County Council decides on who will work for the Board. The Board prepares all the questions that the Council will decide on. Some questions the Board may decide itself.

17 politicians work for the Board and they meet once a month. The Board also has committees. The committees prepare questions before the Board will recieve them.

Ask questions or give your opinion

You can get in contact with the politicians and ask questions or tell them your opinion. There is contact information to every politician in the County.