Rules and rights

It is important that all the personal information the County Council keeps is protected, safe and correct. This is regulated through law.

Personal information

In the County Council of Värmland we have information about our employees, our elected politicians and patients. There is a law which regulates on how to use and treat this information and makes sure the information is being kept confidential.

The Personuppgiftsombud

There is a person working for the County Council with the title Personuppgiftsombud whose main task is to control that the County Coucil deals with personal information in a safe way. If you believe that the information we have of you is not correct, the Personuppgiftsombud can help out.

Everyone has the right to get an excerpt of their own information details once a year, free of charge.

It is the Board of the County's responsibility that the County Council handles personal information correctly.