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The research project is a collaboration between Region Värmland, Uppsala University and Karlstad University. Please feel free to contact the research team if you have any questions or concerns.

Responsible Researchers

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Karin Ängeby

Principal Researcher and Research Midwife in Women's Health Care, Region Värmland.
E-mail: karin.angeby@regionvarmland.se

Porträttfoto Anna Nordin

Anna Nordin

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Care Services at Karlstad University
E-mail: anna.nordin@kau.se

Porträttfoto Margareta Johansson

Margareta Johansson

Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer at Women's and Children's Health at Uppsala University
E-mail: margareta.johansson@kbh.uu.se

Research Midwives, Region Värmland

Porträttfoto Magdalena Eriksson

Magdalena Fritzson

Midwife in Child, Adolescent and Family Health
E-mail: magdalena.fritzson@regionvarmland.se

Porträttfoto Nina Stanizewski

Nina Stanizewski

Midwife in Women's Health Care
E-mail: nina.stanizewski@regionvarmland.se

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