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The care model of the future

“Even closer – for effective and safe patient closer care”

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Meeting and relationships form the basis of good care

A cornerstone of patient closer care is that care is performed in the encounter with the patient. When the nurse no longer must be the co-coordinator for the ward, and can become the patient’ co-coordinator, the times and conditions exist for more and better encounters. The patient’s participation in his or her care, as well as the quality of that care, increases. Personnel who work on wards where this model has been introduced, report experiencing a great deal of work satisfaction, and increased cohesion among their colleagues

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PCC vs. Lean Production and the Toyota Model

Patient closer care is a working model that has its origin in the care sector. Some county councils are choosing to switch to Lean Production, which originated in the automobile industry.
See a comparison between the two working models.

Good care

The National Board of Health and Welfare regulations regarding a management system for quality and patient safety in health and medical care (SOSFS 2005:12) define good care.
See an overview regarding how patient closer care fulfills the requirements of the National Board of Health and Welfare.


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