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In 1999, Surgery Ward 6 at the Central Hospital of Karlstad adopted the organization and method known as "Patient-focused care”. The initiator of the organizational changes was Marianne Inde, who was then the supervisor of Ward 6.

Unfocused working environment was the trigger

The reason for the change was the stressful working environment at the nurses’ station. This area functioned not only as a working area for nurses, but also as the nerve centre of the ward, and the meeting place for all visitors to the ward. The assistant nurse often felt alone when working out in the ward, while the registered nurse felt fragmented in her administration of the communications center at the nurse’s station, as well as not having enough time to be ”help out” on the ward.

Fewer interruptions and less stress

The organizational change quickly resulted in improvements especially in the work of the nurses, ranging from fewer interruptions in nursing work, to less of a feeling of stress and more cooperation among the caregivers.
Patients’ calls have decreased by almost two-thirds, and the ward was deemed to be much quieter. The nurses experience more of a holistic perspective in their nursing work because they now could participate in practical care of the patients in a closer and more active manner.

Honest and open communication

The assistant nurse and registered nurse have developed cooperation based on equality, in which each takes responsibility for planning, prioritization and participation, based on his or her abilities. The foundation of this cooperation within the team is good planning of the workday, and communication based of honesty, openness and the desire to do good.

After an article in Vårdfacket (11 June 2001) regarding ”Patient-focused care,” this method spread all over Sweden, with many have adopted and adapted this model.

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