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Comparisons with the six quality areas in Good Care, 2005:12

  • Good care, SOFS 2005:12: Knowledge-based health and medical care
    Patient-focused care: Plane/allocate – right person in the right place.
  • Good care, SOFS 2005:12: Safe
    Patient-focused care: More time for the patient = improvement of the care processes/meeting with the patient
  • Good care, SOFS 2005:12: Patient focus
    Patient-focused care: Patient focus in the organization, approach, leadership and work climate
  • Good care, SOFS 2005:12: Efficient
    Patient-focused care: Structure in process, care plans, general – standardized. Teamwork – self-governing, personal responsibility
  • Good care, SOFS 2005:12: Equal
    Patient-focused care: Team work (including the patient) – different skills and qualifications, but the same value.
  • Good care, SOFS 2005:12: Within a reasonable time
    Patient-focused care: Patient-focused care. See the needs of the patient before he or she rings the bell. Focus: – stop being accessible to everyone. “Schedule time with the patient.”

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