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Lean production compared with patient-focused care

  • Lean: Respect for people - the client - the employee
    Patient focused care: Focus on the patient The employee – be seen, skills development, correct work content
  • Lean: Identify the client’s needs
    Patient focused care: Care plan (standardized) – individual plan of operations.
  • Lean: Get to know your process.
    Patient focused care: Get to know your patient - “Why is the patient here?” Reports/rounds/internal forum/….
  • Lean: Create value for the patient End waste!
    Patient focused care: “Right person in the right place”/Plan and allocate based on needs and priorities. Receptionist. Concrete goals – can be expressed in practice. Concrete care work
  • Lean: Create cells
    Patient focused care: Care-focused team, including inter-professional team and patient. Self-planned, self-governing based on care program and care plan (standardized or individual)
  • Lean: Even out the flow, cut off the peaks. Five focuses: Sort/Structure/Order/Standardize/Create habits
    Patient focused care: Divide up care work throughout the whole day and night, allocating personnel, tasks, routines and structures with a focus on the patient and the holistic view of the work.
  • Lean: Continuous improvements The right thing from me. Pull the string!
    Patient focused care: All medical care personnel are responsible to improve and work according to established guidelines (National Board of Health and Welfare 2005:12) Breakthrough method (Plan, Do, Study Act or PDSA) Compare. Examine the source of why things went wrong. Event analysis Don’t be afraid to say STOP!
  • Lean: 4 P-pyramid - philosophy - process - people/partner - problemsolving and Long-term goals Pilot projects “Those who don’t comply must pay” Cultivate leaders with burning enthusiasm Leaders should know the nitty gritty It takes time
    Patient focused care: A “living” care philosophy - Why am I here, for whom, concrete goals. Teamwork – limited number of patients. Plan/allocate in the team, based on patient focus. Reviews/reflections/assessments Structures in care processes and the organization. and Present leadership “walking around”. Leaders should know their operations. Focus on operations >focus on the individuals. (However, there are rarely sanctions in care and nursing)

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