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What does PCC entail?

The registered nurse is relieved from some of the administrative duties

A large part of the a care administration work has been transferred to a receptionist or coordinator, who is responsible for communications functions on the ward, such as telephone switchboard, patient flow administration, and administration of those rounds that the registered nurse is not required to perform personally.

The nurses’ station is replaced by personal work stations

The nurses’ station, which is the traditional workplace of registered nurses, has been replaced by what are known as patient-focused work stations. Here the nurse, or the patient-focused care team, has excellent opportunities to perform the nursing documentation, telephone calls, and care planning the patients require, in a calm setting, close to the patients.

Holistic perspective and increased efficiency

There is more of an opportunity for the registered nurse to actively participate in patient-focused care. The nurse gains more of a holistic perspective into the care of the patient and gets to know the patient better, which also leads to greater efficiency in the care chain.

Increased participation and personal responsibility

The patient’s care team develops through close cooperation between the employees and the patients. Territorial disputes between professional categories decreases as participation and the taking of individual responsibility increase in the team.

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