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Film - Creating and Producing at Molkom folkhögskola

This education is a two-year international film education with the opportunity for you to get certification in Steadicam and go on study trips abroad. We are at the forefront of technology, which means that you get access to equipment according to industry standards and a modern Virtual Production studio, which is unique in Sweden.There is also access to actors from the school's acting education.

Filminspelning som utbildning

The program is a two-year, tertiary education open for international students and all teaching is conducted in the English language.

During your time here you will participate in the making of several movies, most of them in close cooperation with the schools acting program. Our main focus is content and storytelling which is the reason we spend a lot of time analyzing as well as giving and receiving feedback. You will also be given the opportunity to try many of the professions involved in the film making process and get basic knowledge of self-employment.

Close contacts with the film industry

We have close contact with the film industry through professional teachers on the programme and guest lecturers such as directors, producers, lighting masters, cinematographers and editors. During the spring semester of year two, an internship period is included where you will have the opportunity to make contacts in the industry.

During the first year, we work intensively with productions where you get to work with your own film ideas and realize other people's ideas. The second year focuses on fewer but larger productions, where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in, for example, directing, scriptwriting, cinematography, sound or producing.

Study film production international

We have international admission to the programme, which means that all teaching is in English. During the first year we make a study trip to the New Films Festival in Portugal and in year two we make an international study trip to immerse ourselves in the international film industry.

Training with Virtual Production

Our film program gives you a unique opportunity to learn Virtual Production, a future-proof tool that allows you to be creative with both storytelling and technology. We are the only film school in Sweden that offers Virtual Production as part of our curriculum.

It is predicted that Virtual Production is part of the future of the film industry. Virtual Production is a collective term for working with computer-generated, photo-scanned or filmed environments in a studio with a camera equipped with tracking. It makes it possible to move freely with a camera in these environments with a corresponding background through green screen or projection. Which creates opportunities to let your film take place on, for example, an alpine peak, in Manhattan or why not in space?

We offer you the opportunity to work with virtual worlds and backgrounds in our state-of-the-art studio. Our film program is designed to keep up with the latest technological advancements and industry trends, and we are proud to offer a fully-featured Virtual Production studio.

The programme gives you opportunities to work with ICVFX (In Camera VFX), green screen, projections and Motion Capture, where we collaborate with the acting class, and tools such as AI and Unreal Engine to create virtual worlds in 3D and 2.5D.

Teaching content

During the first year you will learn to explore and get to know different features in the process of making a movie. Two very important key elements are dramaturgy and how to write movie scripts.

During the second year our main focus is directing and photography. This will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the things you are most interested in, for instance directing, script writing, cinematography/lighting, editing, or producing.

A film education with access to actors

Networking and collaboration at the school

We work closely with Film i Region Värmland, where we arrange lectures and network meetings together.
Most of the films that are made are made in close collaboration with the school's acting education and we also have some collaborations with the school's animation education.

The school is part of an international collaboration between film schools through the Film School Network (FSN) for the exchange of ideas and techniques in film education.
The training is a member of the trade union Scen & Film.

Study to get ready for the film industry

  • Develop your skills to tell a story with film
  • Steadicam certification
  • Develop your skills to run your own project from idea to finished film
  • Vocational preparation for further education and/or work in the film industry


Year 1 (41 weeks)

You will learn how to work with a manuscript, from preparations to the actual writing process and on to a filmable material. You will also learn how to plan and prepare a post-production. You will work with Sony FS7 and learn the basics in "staging & blocking". The courses will alternate between theory and practice. You also learn how to operate Ronin 2.

  • Digital video technology, filming and post-processing (editing, post-production)
  • Visual storytelling and framing
  • Steadicam with certification
  • Lighting, production sound and sound design
  • Directing, staging and blocking
  • Dramaturgy, analysis and screenwriting
  • Film History and Film Analysis
  • Violence on film
  • Intimacy on film
  • Green screen
  • Color grading
  • Virtual Production with ICVFX and Motion Capture
  • Basic Production Planning
  • Project methodology
  • International Study Trip to Portugal

Year 2 (39 weeks)

During year two you will work in larger groups and be prepared to meet the industry requirements. TDuring this year you will work with Sony VENICE 2/6K and F55. There is also a practical introduction to drone piloting where you have the opportunity to take drone license with the support of the education's teachers. During the second year, you will also be involved in developing and producing a short film in a larger team, as well as learning the basics of self-employment. During the spring semester, there is an opportunity for an internship and produce your own or work on someone else's final production. Theory and practice are interspersed in the programme and the focus during the second year is on working in larger teams.

  • Immersion in cinematography with gimbal and b-photo
  • Immersion in light and sound
  • In-depth direction
  • Communication and stress management
  • Dramaturgy, analysis and screenwriting
  • Virtual Production with ICVFX and Motion Capture
  • Film History and Film Analysis
  • Production methods and marketing
  • In-depth study of production planning, budgeting and recording planning
  • Project methodology
  • Drone piloting
  • Self-employment and crowdfunding
  • Internship
  • International Study Trip

Own equipment/borrow equipment

Molkoms folkhögskola provides all equipment for your movie productions and training.


Fredrik Fridlund
Team leader
Email fredrik.fridlund@regionvarmland.se

Studio Molkom

Studio Molkom is a multifunctional Black Box built in 2012.

It is well equipped with high technology and also contains a workshop, make-up lounges and storage areas.