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Join us for a thought-provoking seminar that explores the crucial role of commons in the development of sustainable innovation ecosystems. Inspired by the seminal research on commons by Elinor Ostrom and innovation commons by Jason Potts, this event examines how commons can effectively stimulate and support innovation ecosystems.

This seminar, sponsored by Vinnova and Region Värmland, and led by DigitalWell Arena, presents findings from an in-depth pre-study. It emphasizes the critical role of public initiatives in nurturing and advancing commons, ensuring these resources are not only established but also continually enhanced and actively utilized to foster innovation.

The seminar will be held in English.

Time, place, registration

10:30-12:00, Värmland museum + stream

To participate digitally, you register below. For those of you who have the opportunity to participate on site, at the museum, no registration is required.

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10:30 Welcome and Introduction - Moderator

10:35 Presentation of the Findings from the pre-study on Innovation Commons– Lina Svensberg

10:55 Position statement from the innovation funder’s perspective – Kjell-Håkan Närfelt

11:05 Position statement from the regional perspective – Anders Olsson

11:15 Position statement from the research perspective – Jason Potts

11:30 Panel Discussion


DigitalWell Arena, Vinnova och Region Värmland.


Jason Potts, Distinguished Professor of Economics at RMIT University and Co-director of the Blockchain Innovation Hub

Jason Potts is a leading authority on the intersection of technological change and long-term economic evolution. His interdisciplinary approach, blending various methods from fields like evolutionary economics and cultural science, has yielded groundbreaking insights. Potts has pioneered new theories and methods, including the theory of 'innovation commons' and 'institutional cryptoeconomics', which explore the dynamics of technological, institutional, and cultural change. With five books and over 80 articles, his work covers growth theory, creative industries, and blockchain economics, illuminating the intricate relationship between innovation and economic development.

Anders Olsson, Manager of Research and Innovation, Region Värmland

Anders Olsson brings extensive expertise in regional development, collaborating with prestigious organizations such as OECD, DG Regio, ERU, and others. Notably, he spearheaded the development of Värmland's regional program from 2007 to 2008. Currently, Anders manages The Värmland Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation, with a focus on planning and development processes within systemic perspectives.

Lina Svensberg, Compare/DigitalWell Arena

Lina Svensberg has led the development of the Demand Acceleration methodology in close collaboration with Vinnova and Karlstad municipality. She is also engaged at the international policy level, focused on the role of the public sector and public procuement as an innovation driver and the link between policy and practice including in UNECE's network for transformative innovation and within United 4 Smart Sustainable Cities, a global UN initiative. She led the Vinnova-funded feasibility study on Innovation Commons as a tool for developing innovation ecosystems, drawing on research by Elinor Ostrom and Jason Potts, among others.

Kjell-Håkan Närfelt, Vinnova

Kjell Håkan Närfelt has over 25 years of experience in technology-driven R&D and business development, including roles in venture capital. He is actively engaged internationally, advising on innovation initiatives in Norway, the EU, and Thailand. Currently, he is involved in Vinnova's strategic area "Ecosystems for Innovative Companies" and chairs UNECE's Teams of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policies. With an academic background in computer science, he transitioned from academia to commercialize his research findings, resulting in an academic spin-off.

A full day of innovation activities

The seminar is a part of a full day of innovation activities in Karlstad. Jason Potts will also be speaking at Tjänsteinnovationsdagen organized by the Service Research Center from 13:00 to 16:00 at Karlstad CCC and online.

More information and registration (digitalwellarena.se)

Following the seminar, physical participants are invited to further engage in dialogue and networking at the DigitalWell Award mingle, hosted by DigitalWell Arena starting at 16:00 at Olssons Bazar.

DigitalWell Award mingle - information and registration (digitalwellarena.se)