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Advanced manufacturing and complex systems

Värmland is the place to develop green and sustainable technologies and products for the future. Here, you’ll have access to cutting-edge experts and research, testbed facilities, and plenty of accessible and developable land.

Värmland has a network of world-class companies and experienced subcontractors, as well as a skilled workforce thanks to several institutions of higher vocational education.

Successful cluster for better collborations

IUC Stål & verkstad is an independent regional development company owned by companies in the region and is part of a national network, along with other IUC companies nationally. Their networks are invaluable for manufacturing companies looking for new partnerships and collaborations.

Prominent businesses

Valmet, Nords International, Uddeholm

Profile picture of Simon Hedberg
Simon Hedberg, CEO, Nords Group

"A skilled workforce and strong networks makes the difference"

"Värmland is the optimal region for businesses within the manufacturing sector. We see great possibilities for new players to be successful, the skilled workforce in combination with a positive view on collaborations creates great opportunities"