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Welcome to Business Region Värmland!

Are you looking for developable land or existing industry facilities to start your business? Look no further, we offer a wide range of possibilities right here in Värmland. Let us know your needs and we will find the perfect spot and support you through the process. Welcome to Värmland!


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Key industries in Värmland

Värmland has specialized in a few key areas where we have a strong position and can offer the best value for companies looking to establish or expand.

Forest bioeconomy

Värmland is a global leader within the forest bioeconomy sector and offers unique know-how, a closeness to the raw material with a long tradition of processing forest material.

Learn more about forest bioeconomy in Värmland
Advanced manufacturing and complex systems
Advanced manufacturing and complex systemsThere is great professional know-how in Värmland and well established networks within the manufacturing industry.
Digital Health Tec
Digital Health TecDigital health tech involves the digitization of services to promote health and prevent disease.
Solar energy and sustainable systems
Solar energy and sustainable systemsVärmland offers great possibilities to develop systems for the future with solar energy at the centre.
Food in sustainable interactions
Food in sustainable interactionsIf you are looking to broaden your horizons within the culinary scene, Värmland offers several exciting possibilities.
Video games and gamification
Video games and gamificationThe gaming industry is growing at an enourmous pace and Värmland is aiming for the lead.
Defense industry and civil preparedness
Defense industry and civil preparednessVärmland is part of the center stage for national defense and civil preparedness.
Attraction via sustainable site development
Attraction via sustainable site developmentSustainable site development involves creating attractive spaces for visitors, residents, businesses, and investments. Various groups and sectors of society collaborate with each other to collectively address the specific challenges, conditions, and needs of the location.
Tobias Söderbom, sales and marketing manager, Wood Tube

"Wood Tube is building the future with recycled paper"

"Here we are close to raw materials, technical know how and an innovative eco system. There are several logistical options and the closeness to major cities like Oslo and Gothenburg facilitates export and meetings."

  • A bottle cap made from bio materials is being produced
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    Regional company on attractive tech list

    Blue Ocean Closures has been added to Ny Teknik´s 33-list. This is the first time a company from Värmland is represented...

Wild and wonderful Värmland

Värmland offers a better life in a vibrant region, filled with stories, bustling forests, and wild and beautiful nature experiences. Here, you’ll find new ideas, creativity, an international and competitive business environment, challenging culture, and a significant university with curious research in the sun city of Karlstad. You are warmly welcome to a place that wants and dares to aim high towards the future!

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