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Video games and gamification

The gaming industry is one of Sweden's most successful industries. It generated 34.7 billion SEK in 2020, compared to the exports of iron ore (28 billion SEK) and pulp (23 billion SEK) in the same year.

The Swedish gaming phenomenon has, in fact, become a new foundational industry. Currently, the industry accounts for one percent of employment in Värmland, but it is growing faster than the region's overall economy, both in terms of value-added and the number of employees.

A platform for global expansion

The platform The Great Journey, part of Karlstad Innovation Park, with its extensive studio and business expertise and worldwide connections led by the gaming company Embracer Group, has laid the foundation for many more to establish themselves in the competitive gaming industry in Värmland, aiming for the global market.

Prominent Businesses

Embracer Group, Mirage Game Studios, Agera Games