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About European Office

Region Värmland European Office aims to promote the region and its interest as well as to provide project development support to its members. The presence in Brussels supports the region and municipalities in monitoring legislations, initiatives and changes at the EU-level that have an impact on Värmland.

Our main focus areas are:

  • Smart specialisation
  • Bioeconomy
  • Research and Innovation
  • Cohesion Policy
  • Infrastructure and Transport

Region Värmland European Office has two main tasks: strategic development and project development.

Strategic development means supporting the region and its municipalities on EU-topics that affect Värmland. The office also coordinates regional and local actors in expressing a coherent opinion on an EU-topic, including influencing the EU-agenda in line with the political priorities of the regional council.

Project development from Brussels is important for projects with the sectoral programmes. Project development through the sectoral programmes requires cooperation with multiple countries. Brussels hosts many European networks that we participate in and engage with to facilitate project development.

Region Värmland is responsible for all of the county of Värmland's publicly funded regional development, health care, culture, education and public transport. Region Värmland European Office is a municipal association set up jointly by Region Värmland and the 16 municipalities in Värmland. The Brussels-based office was founded in the beginning of 2015.


Region Värmland European Office
Rue du Luxembourg 3
1000 Bruxelles

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